Muldis - The new generation of shutters

The roller shutter without cable goes in all directions - a world first

The requirements that are currently applied to windows- and especially shutter systems have changed dramatically. Even simple construction projects are planned with increasingly sophisticated door, gate and window elements.
This new innovative multi-direction-shutter system finally offers a solution for complex shutter systems.

With its patented technology the shutter slides smoothly in the spiral and that without a supporting cable. This world innovation makes it possible for the shutter to run about 360 ° in all directions.
Horizontally, vertically, diagonally, and even flat.

Our multi-direction-shutter system Muldis is supplied in different profils (manufacturer). It will be delivered for connectorization companies or as finished product. All caste systems (running from bottom to top) are protected with a brush system against gross contamination. On the motor is always a stainless steel tappet spring mounted so that the blade is stabilized in the coil.

The first lamella must be extruded performed to ensure a secure fit of the telescopes.

from 2000mm to 2200 mm Height (depending on width) extruded plates are fitted from 30%. This increases the stability => very important for the flat and diagonal course.

Depending on the extent additional role slider can be used on the extruded profiles. In the horizontal version, there are optional traversable ground rail. Thus, the shutter can be used as a space-saving lateral running. An opposite design is also possible. Basically, the system is only possible with engine operation.

The drainage will be taken after the installation principle. At the point where the water could remain standing, a flow is established.


  • Conservatory blinds
  • flat roofs
  • Page Speed Doors
  • Separation for attics, from the floor to the store or pools
  • For windows and patio elements from bottom to top or side continuously
  • As burglary protection even in the basement windows because the shutters blocked even in the open state in each position
  • Special solutions in curved form is possible

The new generation of shutters:

MULDIS - Multi-Direction-Shutter



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